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Welcome to my website!

I am Kainaat, a 22-year-old biochemistry student with a passion for resin art. With over three years of experience, I have preserved 1000+ cherished memories through my unique creations. I have been fortunate to be interviewed twice, allowing me to showcase my skills and share the stories behind my art.

Explore my portfolio to discover meticulously crafted resin pieces that capture emotions and special moments. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy here!

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How to send Flowers or any other stuff to preserve?


I am Kainaat, Pakistan based resin artist known for the best preservations. 

The main question is how to send something to preserve?

Click link below


Secret Message Candle Jar

A candle with a secret message is a very original birthday present for a friend, a Mother's Day gift, or an expression of your feelings for a loved one on Valentine's Day.

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Preserve your Gajra

Capture the beauty and sentiment of your cherished flowers in a timeless and unique way with resin preservation. I specialize in preserving flowers using high-quality resin, creating stunning pieces of art that encapsulate your memories and allow them to endure.

Preserve your memories, preserve your flowers with resin.


First Rose

Keep Your First Rose Preserved Forever we know you can't do this that's why we are here we save your rose with an amazing look and the safest way but you have to promise you will recommend RESIN ART BY KAINAAT for preserving any kind of Memories

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