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Sun and Moon Candle | Duo Tone

Sun and Moon Candle | Duo Tone

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Dear valued customers, you now have the option to customize colors! If you prefer a specific duo-tone combination, simply specify it in the provided text box. Otherwise, we will default to white. Your choice, your style!

These candles make the perfect shelf or table accent piece. They also make an outstanding and unique gift.

As these candles are made for decorative purposes, there's no need to make them scented. 

Our recommendation would be to not make them scented to make sure they hold their shape and stay in good condition for a much longer time, but of course, its up to you!

Delivery Time 7-10 Days

Note : all shades will be towards the pastel side. we don’t make dark candles, apart from brown. slight difference of color is to be expected as we make these candles in small batches!

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